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Vw GX3

At the LA Auto show today, a VW executive drove this concept 3 wheeled vehicle through the crowd and onto display, surprising everyone in the auto industry. The Volkswagen GX3 is nearly production ready and is just waiting for “significant US interest” to make it to market in 2007. This gorgeous little thing will cost only $17,000, and it’s 1.6 liter engine will push it from 0 – 60 in under 6 seconds and still provide over 46 miles to the gallon. Simply stunning. Of course it reminds me of the T-Rex but this seems to be a much more sensible and affordable recreational vehicle. I want one, NOW.
Theres a site with more info on it. I have got to have one when im 16.Gx3


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Speed skating

I just started speed skating a few months ago, And love it. I go every saturday morning to Bethlehem Pa, about 2 hours away from philly. Its the most fun I ever had.

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I bougth a T-spec from a guy at the track in November. I bought it for 100$, and this included a crap load of extras. It also included a super rooster ESC, futaba Servo, and many other custom mods. It has a whole tupper ware bucket full. It also had 5 battery packs! Well, turns out my track only races t-specs on thursday, and its a school night so….. I bought a few GP 3300 packs, and am getting a stock motor so I can race stock. They race stock on saturday, which i can go to.CIMG0620.JPG

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Track expedition

I went to the carpet track on saturday and had alot of fun. First off, i bought 2 used GP 3300 packs for 15 each. So, I charged em up, and used em. Holy crap! This thing is awesome! its alot faster, adn much more runtime then the stock T-spec battery. To makethe day better, the LHS owner let me have a gp 3300 pack for free! Im gonna get a stock motor next week, and see what happens.

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